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FastScheduler Dispatch and Scheduling Software

Software for scheduling resource, equipment, operators, personnel and more…

BestFleetManager Fleet Management Software

Software for managing fleet of vehicles, equipment, inventory of parts, work orders, purchases, repairs, billings, warranty, etc. It's easy-to-use, fast and integrated to provide simple solution for your fleet...

Accounting Systems Applications

Software for managing receivables, payables, orders, invoicing, billing, inventory, purchasing, receiving, financial reports, general ledger, journals, employees, payroll, manufacturing, non-profit, rental, municipality, utility, etc. Fully integrated, simple interface and easy-to-use. Quick implementation.

Enterprise Applications

Something Simple provides full-cycle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software services. The indepth Requirements Analysis that we provide ....

Heavy Equipment Management System

Our HEMS is built on tried and true business practices for tractors, cranes, scrappers, etc. Schedule your equipment for clients and let HEMS select the right operators and crew.

Safety Management System

Is 'Safety First' a slogan in your business? Let us help you make it a part of your business. Our SMS makes safety everybody's business. Incidents are easily logged using very simple form-screens.

Point-of-Sale System

Something Simple POS makes processing those transactions a snap. You don't have to worry about your inventory anymore. It updates them instantly. Remotely of inhouse.

Multi-Branch Accounting System

Something Simple MBAS allows multi-cost center and/or multi-branch transactions. With transactions integrity, you don't have to worry about failed connections during posting. Updates are done instantly. Remotely of inhouse.

e-Municipality Enterprise System

Caring for diverse communities within each municipality is not an easy task. Our e-Municipality solution is packed with modules that let you do the task efficiently without breaking the bank.

Professional Services

Do you require a custom software solution for your business? Count on Something Simple's proven track record of delivering software solutions on time and on budget. We provide full custom software development services for Client Server and Web Based software solutions.




Software Services

Our very competent team of application developers and software architects are here to develop custom applications that will be a hands-in-glove fit for your business. After all there is no satisfaction until the application just fits right...

What Does Your Business Need? Something Simple provides Software services tailored to meet the needs of diverse clients. Are you experiencing growth in business with costs spiralling out of control? Do your staff need specialized training to improve their prodictivity? Do you need Requirements Analysis done for your business? Do you need unbiased and professional Evaluation Services from issuance of RFI, RFP, Demos, Training needed, Maintenance issues, Requirements match-fit, hardware-software infra-structure needs, and selection of best-fit application for your business? Do you need Implementation Services for a new software application? Do you need Maintenance Services for your legacy application until you bring in the new system? Is your current application maintenance cost getting out of hand? Are you just looking for Something Simple?

Major Benefits of Using Something Simple Services

  1.  Delivers support that is critical to the operations of your organization.

  2.  Remotely diagnose application problems and deploy the fixes immediately.

  3.  Reduce business stoppage due to application system issues.

  • Service Inquiries 

  • Below are some of the development services offered:

    • Application Development
    • Web Development Services
    • Database Administration
    • E-Commerce Solution for Legacy system 
    • Application Maintenance 
    • ASP and Web Hosting 

    Our fee is reasonable. Travel and related expenses are extra. Contact the Consulting Services Manager to discuss your needs and schedule your service sessions.

    Email the Consulting Service Department by clicking this link,

    Consulting Services Manager

    With over 25 years of software development and implementation experience, Something Simple can increase the reach and functionality of your application with custom Web and Windows solutions.

    Windows Development
    Our development team can create a Windows application that interfaces to your database system. The Windows interface could be linked to UNIX-based and/or mainframe-based databases. Contact us today to learn more.

    Web Development
    A web interface will enhance the reach of your database. Web portals can be used to by internal staff members, client, vendors, or any other partner that my require read or write access to your UniVerse database system. Contact us today to learn more.

    Data Conversion and Migration
    Are you planning to move off your current database system? If so, we can assist you with converting your database for your next database management system. Contact us today to learn more.

    Database Administration
    Do you require regular or periodic administration for your database system? Something Simple can provide you with administrative services regardless of how small or large your requirements may be.
    Contact us today to learn more.