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Dispatch and Scheduling Management

Point-and-Click, graphical and real-time module for managing scheduling jobs for fleet of vehicles, equipment, rigging, skilled-operators, drivers and journeymen. Assigns operators to vehicle/equipment based on skills and/or special training for job-site. Generates work orders for billings. Reviews/update maintenance status of equipment, etc. It is integrated with our Workflow engine that pre-emptively pushes appointments booked to the Dispatcher, Contracts Coordinator and Branch Administrator.
Reservation capability for vehicles (limited employee sub-groups), ability to partition the population of vehicles and equipment; Has a visual interface showing all equipment availability, length of reservation, current location of equipment and destination; Links pool scheduling with maintenance for out-of-service flags; Business rule require users to input mileage and department ID numbers; sends notification to fleet manager if vehicle check-out data is not completed.
You can now make effective decisions for better equipment utilization. It's easy-to-use, fast and integrated to provide simple solution for your fleet...

Work Order Management

Manage each job for your fleet of vehicles, equipment, rigging, or tools from dispatch to completion. Control job documents required for payment such as site authorization, etc. Use workflow to route work order approvals through designated staff, departments (such as Credit Dept). Manage in-house jobs, shop jobs, unscheduled daily taxi-run jobs, etc. Client billing utilizes the flex-rate internal codes that is linked to contract rates, on-call taxi rates or internal job rates. Hard copies of work orders (bar codes for work order ID and each expected task or PM service) can be bar coded for faster processing. Support use of bar codes to collect labor and parts data. Maximize the profitability of your fleet using our Full Work-cycle Methodology...See Center section

Asset Management

Track multiple meter types, capture the following meter readings (Actual, Reading at Acquisition, Begin Fiscal Year Meter, Life Expectancy by M/H). Replace a meter and maintain both actual and life-to-date meter reading. Bill each asset by multiple cost categories in user-defined combinations of parts, labor, sublets, mileage, billing period charges, fuel, and replacement recovery. Supports multiple mark ups for parts, labor, fuel and sublets. Track unlimited warranties for each asset by expiration date, cost, vendor, and any deductible or cost for the warranty. Unlimited user-defined codes can be assigned by asset or by groups of assets. Charge multiple accounts/departments by percentage of cost. Assign both credit and debit account numbers to an asset and ability to modify with permissions. Track changes in departmental/branch ownership. Store billing period charges for historical review, reproduction and reports.

Order-to-Cash (OTC) Management

This module manages everything from the dispatch to your job to receiving payment from the customer. Check credit before scheduling job, generate work order, match billing to contract rates, use pricing matrix to avoid user-errors, generate invoice (single or summary), manage timecards, match billed to unbilled work, monitor equipment downtime/unavailability, monitor customer relations, perform bank deposits, generate analysis of OTC activities, etc. Besides all these, integrate these and many more features of the entire Hemsys Application...

Accounts Receivable Management

Software module for managing fleet of vehicles, equipment, inventory of parts, work orders, purchases, repairs, billings, warranty, etc. It's easy-to-use, fast and integrated to provide simple solution for your fleet...

Customer Relations Management

Create and manage customer accounts with payments terms, contract pricing, and other unique features that define your relation to the customer. Perform aging and credit update using our easy and powerful credit monitoring features. Generate statements for customers specified. Use our price matrix to assign multiple pricing to customers. Link multiple customers to a central billing location. Most importantly it's easy to use, fast and integrated to provide simple solution for your receivables...

Special Projects Management

Schedule and manage special projects by assigning the equipment, vehicles, operators, drivers, support staff, rigging, etc. Ensure needed certifications and training for the job site are complied with. Setup the pricing for the project jobs and tasks. Apply pricing template to each work order. Generate invoice singly or summary using project template. Create customer-specified reports. Create workflow for authorizations needed to process your billing. Assign safety code to the project and manage all incidents at job site. Archive and tag critical documents in the project using our Document Manager. Manage project costs, performance and payments...

Time Card Management

Generate and manage timecards for each job. Control regular, time-and-half and double-time rates for employee. Manage union dues, special benefits, multiple unions, etc. Manage multi-jurisdictional deductions, benefits, holiday pay, vacation pay, labor rates, etc. Match paid time to unbilled time for employee and equipment asset. Perform yearly payroll tasks and reporting with Federal Agencies (CRA and IRS). Transfer employee across state/provincial borders and monitor maximum jurisdictional deduction codes. Monitor WCB payments and update rate changes. Maintain and update all payroll jurisdictional rate/factor changes...

Payroll Management

Fully integrated with Timecard Module, duplication of tasks are eliminated. Manage fulltime, part-time, share-time, wages, salary, commission or a combination of pay-types. Manage source deductions/withholdings, update factors/rates. Manage single and multiple union dues and benefits. Maintain employee profiles, benefits, pay-types, pensions, jurisdictional deductions, WCB, etc. Perform Year-End payroll tasks and reports. Employees, operators and trades people timecards are seamlessly processed and matched against jobs and/or internal rates. Jurisdictional payroll factors, multi-benefits factors and multiple union dues are supported which makes payroll processing and project-job cost management an easy task. Fully integrated with Timecard, Human Resources and other modules...

Human Resources Management

Maintain full hiring profile of employees and new hires. Track qualifications, certifications, specialized skills and apprenticeship. Manage in-doc and internal training. Keep track of multiple and critical dates for each employee. Fully integrated with timecard, payroll and other modules...

Fleet Management

Manage fleet asset of vehicles, equipment, tools, inventory of parts, work orders, purchases, repairs, billings, warranty, etc. Multiple rates and jurisdictional rates can be assigned to assets for each client or department. In fact the rates-matrix eliminates the usual error-prone asset job rate assignment during billing. Manage your fleet from contract booking to job completion. You maximize your asset for your projects and reduce asset-downtime, double-booking or unavailability. Our push-Dispatch notifications provide asset status with both operator and maintenance information for effective and timely administrative-management decisions. provide simple solution for your fleet...

Labor Management

Flexible labor costing; Multi-tiered hierarchical labor rate structure including: Task flat rates, Task hourly rates, Customer-based rates, Employee-based rates, Shop-based rates and an Average hourly rate for all employees at all shops. Manage Job-site certification. User-defined repair codes and industry-standard repair coding schemes (such as ATA-VMRS and APWA). Electronic data collection using of bar code equipment. Labor Capture functionality consists of a screen on which mechanics log on and log off of activities (work orders and indirect activities) by fast-keys/touch screen, scanning bar codes with a wedge or entering data on the keyboard. Display screens show the mechanics currently logged on to a particular work order or the current activities of all mechanics in a shop. Capture labor real time with hand held devices (Software Mobile Software). Maintain employee records such as ID number, driver license number, license class, medical certificate, renewal dates, DMV Pull Notice, hire date, work injury, DOT tests, assign location, shift, skill level, training, skill certificates, standard rate, premium rate, and overtime labor rate, etc. Capture, track, maintain, report and forecast fleet labor costs at the individual, group, class, subclass levels to include direct, indirect, and sublet time. Capture, record, bill and report all labor hours to include direct, indirect, and sublet time (e.g., safety meeting, shop cleaning, supervisor time, vehicle ferry, etc). Capture, record, and itemize any and all labor activities and report and audit same. Measure and report labor performances and compare with user-defined and/or industry standards. Plan, schedule, prioritize, and preload shop schedules at multiple locations with user-defined criteria (availability of personnel, service bay, tools, etc.). Apply multiple labor rates (by craft, employee, shift, agency, department, division, account, job task, vehicle class/type, etc.). Apply multiple sublet labor rates (by craft, vendor, agency, department, division, account, job task, vehicle class/type, etc.). Timecard function to account for all labor hours as the work occurs in real time. Enter labor directly to the work order as the work occurs in real time. Automatically stop labor on one job when the mechanic signs on to another job. Enter labor directly to the work order after the work occurred, and allow for the recording of actual time of repair work and not time of data entry. Allow supervisors/office staff to batch labor entries into multiple work orders on a single screen without having to go to each individual work order. Allows task specific time standards for performance measures, reports and audits. Allows supervisors to assign tasks to employees and change assignments at any time. Automatically apply/default to a predetermined task specific time standard (e.g., 0.6-hours for an oil change). Supervisor override and adjust time records (e.g., employee errors, failure to logout, etc). Allows supervisors to adjust/correct error entries to include adjustment of billable hours, mark-ups, warranties, etc. View all available labor across multiple shop locations. Support bar code and other keyless labor entries. Allows supervisors default setting overrides. Maintain Roster for Technician / Staff with list Staff Skills inventory. Maintain for Supervisor / Foreman the Skills/Certification of Staff - Certification Expiry Notice; Re-certification Tracking Document with Scanned filing-link. Work Completion Reporting; Time / Task Reporting: Standard Rates, Rates set by staff certification, Exception Rates Premium set for specified tasks or Work Order Types, or Overtime rates. Indicate which work attracts overtime premium or Indirect Hours. Displays indirect hours during time entry (not associated with a work-order)  It's easy-to-use, fast and integrated to provide simple solution for your fleet...

 Asset Assignment Management

Maintain Equipment assignment history. Re-assign equipment unit to a different department, shop, or rental rate class at any time. Stores date of each re-assignment along with new assignment information. Reports summary of vehicle assignment history life-to-date or from a specified date forward. Change ID of equipment unit without losing existing data and without manually deleting and re-adding the unit. Assign equipment/Bus Route to specific operators. Track bus availability for route assignment. Assign the route, operator and bus (determine which bus goes on which run based on attributes of bus, PM status and mileage) to make sure run requirements are met. • Print a “vehicle in service” sheet that lists buses, routes and drivers. In case of problem, identify which bus is on which route. Track whether bus is on schedule. Optional External Booking system integrates with fleet management system. Manage charters (special requests for buses); Comply with specific/user defined rules (i.e. have to be off peak); Use same dispatch rules as regular bus assignments; Track schedule of charters for demand planning. It's easy-to-use, fast and integrated to provide simple solution for your fleet...

Maintenance Management: Preventive, Periodic, Reactive; Predictive and Repairs

 Manage your fleet of assets, equipment, inventory of parts, work orders, purchases, repairs, billings, warranty, etc. Manages Preventive, Periodic, Predictive, Reactive and Repairs. The Maintenance Management module provides a system that can help create and manage maintenance programs that will deliver vehicles / assets that will be more available and more reliable – with the best economic value. This maintenance module is flexible allowing their application to groupings of assets by various attributes. Once applied these maintenance program relationships will form the core requirements that drive the out-of-service planning and financial management of the fleet maintenance planning functions. You will be able to generate a preventive maintenance (PM) inspection due list by department, class, shop, and by date; Create PM work orders from PM tasks that are found to be due; Set PM frequency based on time, mileage/hours, fuel consumed, or any combination; Automatically update the next PM due date without any manual intervention upon the completion of a PM event; etc. It's easy-to-use, fast and fully integrated to provide simple solution for your fleet... See center section for more information.

Skills and Training Management

Manage certifications, qualifications, skills and specialities. Training database tracks: - Who's been trained on what; Whose training has expired and needs to be re-certified; Technicians and drivers Skill set tracking; Track mechanic / operator training; Evaluate the performance of operators. Exception reporting shows operators with the best and the worst performance; Operators demonstrating the best records will have their data linked to their department for recognition. Operators evaluated by mile/hours of operation between breakdown, compliance with PM inspections and pre-trip and post-trip inspections, and fewest unscheduled repairs. Operators with the worst records will also have their data sent to their department and recommended for training according to pre-set parameters. Tracks employee training for equipment operation and safety. Tracks authorization to operate classes of equipment. Triggers list of employees that need training and refresher courses. Provides Roster of Technician / Staff list. Provides Staff Skills inventory and Supervisor / Foreman Skills/Certification Staff; Certification Expiry Notice; Re-certification Tracking Document Scanned into filing/link. Generates Work Completion Reporting Time / Task; Reports Standard Rates Rates set by staff with certification Exception Rates Premium set for specified tasks or Work Order Types. Regular Rates, Overtime Rates, 1.5 Times Rate, 2.0 Times Rate, Special Rate. Indicate which work attracts overtime premium. Indicate indirect hours during time entry (not associated with a work-order). User-Defined Task/Repair Codes. User Defined Roster List of staff availability and skills to assign to the work. Automated Work Scheduling. Development Labour Constraint tasks can be used. Medical certifications (crew medical certifications, first aid training) with and In class / out of class notations. It's easy-to-use, fast and integrated to provide simple solution for your fleet...

Safety Management

Capture, track, record, maintain, and report on unlimited number of asset related accidents to include asset numbers, drivers, departments, costs, accident types, preventable, non-preventable, etc. Link Accident to vehicle/equipment Record key accident information Attached photos Prompt for missing information. Associate/link accident damage photos to assets. Manage safety incidents and correlate them to internal/external factors. Lost-Time-Injury, Non-Occupational loss, Non-Recordable, Restricted-Work-Case, Medical-Aid, Injuries-Count are some of the metrics captured. WCB, Jurisdictional and job-site reports come with the application. Safety comes first by using the following functionalities in the application: Action-To-Control-Loss, Alcohol-Drug-Test, Boom-Lift-Position, Branch-Info, Conditions-Ground, Conditions-Light, Conditions-Weather, Contact-Type, Crane-Boom, Crane-Info, Crane-Type, DCAT, Employee, Incident-Detail, Incident-Type, Incident-With, Job-System-Factors, Personal-Factors, Post-Accident-Severity, Severity, Soil-Type, Sub-Standard-Actions-Practised, Sub-Standard-Conditions, Trade-Skill-Level, Training. Fully integrated, simple interface and easy-to-use. Quick implementation.

Financial Management

Standard modules and functional units include General Ledger, General Journal, Financial Reports, Multi-Cost Center/Branch Management, Sales Journal, Purchase Journal, Expense Journal, Deposit Journal. Power standard reports. User-defined reports created using the Custom Report panel can be stored for re-use. Data Analysis can be done using external report writers....

Accounts Payable Management

Manage vendor information and payment terms. Set pay period for payments. Enter bills, credits/debit memos. Use Document Manager to maintain and route original copies for review. Use workflow to route approvals. Create, edit and post payment/cheque worksheets. Perform aging tasks and cash flow requirements. Apply multiple payment and multiple payment terms to bills. Use optional Scan-Bill to scan and load bills in high volume environment. Standard administrative and financial reports. Fully integrated with Purchasing, Receiving and other modules...

Tools Management System

Manage your tools (fixed and mobile), equipment and manuals. Check tools in and out of the Tool Room. Track tools. Locate Tools. Use search capability to generate report on tools. Monitor tools and equipment requiring scheduled maintenance and re-certification. Maintain information of fleet/fixed asset unit any tool was used to repair. Recall management allows crawl-tracking of all activities that involve the use of the tool and notification to owners of work order. Defect Management includes isolation of the tool, prevention of use, repair, reporting and re-certification. Manage future dare for re-certification, return-to-use, maintenance, etc. Manage maintenance details such as service dates, repairs performed, costs, parts replaced, etc. Perform due/overdue inspections/re-testing and re-certification. information Maintain inspection dates and timelines. Monitor inter-user and inter-location tools transfers. Allow 24-hour tools monitoring access and lending service to internal and external users. Use pick-list with bin, shelf location to retrieve tools ready for pickup.

Document Management

Something Simple POS makes processing those transactions a snap. You don't have to worry about your inventory anymore. It updates them instantly. Remotely of in-house.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory and optimize your stock levels to reduce cost. Automatically identify parts which have been used on equipment no longer in use to reduce inventory on-hand. Automatically assemble kits from kit component lists. Use average, FIFO, or LIFO pricing on parts issues Track vendor contracts, including amounts spent and remaining. Issue parts to equipment, departments, or account codes without a work order. Automatically generate purchase orders for all parts whose current stock is below the reorder point. Track quantity and value on hand and on order for all parts. Maintain multi-location inventory stocks and effect transfers effortlessly. View complete data for any part online from all locations. Manage the purchasing and stocking of parts centrally for all warehouses, or individually by warehouse/branch. Automatically apply inventory counts to adjust current stock levels. Transfer parts between locations, including on-line transfer requests and responses. Track monthly quantity and value statistics by warehouse and part for orders, receipts, issues, adjustments, and transfers. Process an order, receipt, and issue of a part to a work order as a single transaction. Receive automatic on-screen notification when quantity on hand falls below reorder point. Print and supports bar code labels. Uses bar code to collect labor and parts data. Provides full audit tracking capabilities by operator ID, date/time for adjustments such as unit cost, count, return to inventory, return to vendor, deleted orders, deleted receipts, transfers from one storeroom to another. Fast search for parts ordered, received, back-ordered. Differentiate stocked or non-stocked parts. Issue and charge parts to an individual or department without having to charge it to a work order. Manage and track warranty issues with full recovery.

Swap-Items Management

Departments and branches can swap inventory items and maintain internal cross-branch IOU. User can replenish and transfer their own departmental stocks to pay-out their IOUs. Swap and stock transfer improves branch performance by reducing downtime. This is integrated with Inventory Control and other modules...

Supply Chain Management: Purchasing and Receiving

Requisition Management; Process Approval Management; Purchase Management; A/P Management; Inter-Company Supplies Management; Over-Under Analysis.

Report Management

There are standard reports that provide multiple sort and selection criteria along with drill down capabilities. Exception reports target unusual activity within the fleet or department. Standard reports cover work order, timecards, maintenance, equipment asset, employees, schedule, industry-standard accounting processes, financial activities, etc. Users can also use the SQL Reporter to generate and store user-defined report. Optionally, external report writers can be interfaced to the HemSys application

Snapshot Executive Report Management

Important management quick-view reports are provided to allow executives monitor the pulse of the business for critical decision-making. Current receivables, payables, cash flow, billed payroll, unbilled jobs, matched billing hours recovered, asset utilization, equipment downtime/availability and other pertinent information are created and forwarded to the executives. Our Workflow engine makes the creation and distribution of this report effortless.

Workflow Management

Our powerful workflow engine will streamline your Work Order-to-Cash processes from booking work order to billing and payment by moving tasks through all the authorization nodes thereby reducing user touch points and delays. Manage Approvals electronically and eliminate time-wasting, error-prone processes. Track approvals and attached documents for review.... See Center Section for more information.

Professional Services

Do you require a custom software solution for your business? Count on Something Simple's proven track record of delivering software solutions on time and on budget. We provide full custom software development services for Client Server and Web Based software solutions.



Our HemSys (Heavy Equipment Management System)is built on tried and true business practices for tractors, cranes, scrappers, etc service business. It begins with HemSys scheduling your equipment for internal or external clients' projects by selecting the right operators and crew for the job based on availability, certifications, qualifications, skills and specialities. It generates timecard and work order for the crew with tracking numbers. The returned timecards and work order are entered into the HemSys. All required documents from the project site are scanned and tag-linked to the timecard and work order. All paid timecard hours are matched against the billed hours in the work order to give matched-time report that shows the recovered percentage of your billed time against the payroll cost of the work crew.
(See Scheduling Process Document below.)

Your work order flows from verification of credit-worthy clients to job completion and billing. Accounting transactions are seamlessly performed with multi-level audit trail and user-task logs to ensure integrity. Approvals stream through the workflow engine with escalation triggers to avoid costly delays. Safety, training-upgrades, job site requirements logs and other time consuming tasks in your business can be managed by HemSys automatically. You save time, staff frustration and improve cash flow.

Invoice your customer summarily or in detail with supporting work order, signed documents from job site and other pertinent attachments. Let our document manager keep your sprawling records electronically tagged for fast review and retrieval. Our HemSys stands the test of time and doesn't break the bank. Give your business a better performance with HemSys.

Transactions authorization is pooled in the workflow engine with pre-emptive email notification sent to the approver. The workflow engine is smart enough to move each transaction to the next stage so that your staff are not waiting for authorization before doing their posting. Real-Time transactions processing means you see the result NOW. Run your bill payments for standard utilities like license, permits, payables through the approval workflow with attached documents. Use the workflow to manage approvals for work order rates, billing and invoicing. The document manager allows you store and link documents electronically and attach them to transactions.

The application is modular and allows you to select the modules that contain the functionalities that meet your business requirements. Fund Accounting, General Ledger, General Journal, Cash Management, Allocations, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, Debt Collection, Sales/Use Tax Reporting, Payroll, Human Resource Management, Permits & Licensing, Internet Inquiries, Direct Deposit are just some of the functionalities. Powerful, simple and customizable financial reports are included. Third-party report writer can be used to create additional reports.

Let Something Simple begin the process by doing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for your business by gathering your requirements (functional and non-functional). The ERP document that will be created from this process will provide an objective guide for your team to ensure that your current needs and growth requirements are met through the implementation of the HemSys application.

(Click for larger image.)

Download Equipment Dispatch Scheduling Document

User's of Something Simple Applications (SAP) can pick and choose from any of its varieties of functional applications' modules to create their own unique set of functional module blend of Custom Application Package to meet their needs.

All of our CAP are tightly integrated so that there is no latency in their performance. The CAP also maintain the transactional and audit integrity which are standard in the SAP.

Every CAP development engagement for a client involves Requirements Analysis in the ERP document. The client may choose the appropriate functional components from the CAP that will meet the needs enumerated in the ERP document.

Major Benefits of Using HemSys Application

  1. You get to choose the modules that fit your business requirements.

  2. All the modules for the different functionalities are integrated.

  3. You can have your selected modules modified to fit your business processes.

(Click for larger image.)

Maintenance Management

The Maintenance Management module provides a system that can help create and manage maintenance programs that will deliver vehicles/assets that will be more available and more reliable – with the best economic value. This maintenance module is flexible allowing their application to groupings of assets by various attributes. Once applied these maintenance program relationships will form the core requirements that drive the out-of-service planning and financial management of the fleet maintenance planning functions. You will be able to generate a preventive maintenance (PM) inspection due list by department, class, shop, by date, etc; Create PM work orders from PM tasks that are found to be due; Set PM frequency based on time, mileage / hours, fuel consumed, or any combination; Automatically update the next PM due date without any manual intervention upon the completion of a PM event; etc.

Download Maintenance Management Document

Typical Modules in HemSys Application
Dispatch and Schedule Management Skills and Training Management
Work Order Management Safety Management
Order-to-Cash Management Financial Management
Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable
Customer Relations Management Document Management
Special Projects Management Inventory Management
Time Card Management Swap-Items Management
Payroll Management Purchasing and Receiving
Human Resources Report Management
Fleet Management Snapshot Executive Reporting
Maintenance Management Workflow Management

Download Dispatch Scheduling Workflow Interactions Document

Work Order Management

Real-time data collection for labour, materials and asset statuses is an essential part of the HemSys application. This core piece of functionality is at the heart of both collecting data for workflow process management and planning competencies. Leveraging the data collection functions, users will have the ability to better manage their resources and continuously improve their standards and maintenance programs effectiveness.

Maintains full information regarding requests for services, whether generated internally or externally; Classify and describes the nature of the W/O; Makes appropriate assignment of pre-set resources to complete the work; Monitors the progress and completion of the work, both in terms of time and costs; Processes all requests under appropriate security, [i.e. giving personnel in a particular Branch access to add, update or void requests pertaining only to that Branch / Department]; Automatically assigns W/O number in sequential order by Branch / Department; Maintains complete, continuous history of all calls related to a particular individual; Maintains complete, continues history of all calls related to a particular site; Secures access privileges by [User, Department or Branch, Type/Classification of work, Job Role], etc....

Download Work Order Management Document

Enterprise Applications

Something Simple provides full-cycle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software services. The in-depth Requirements Analysis that we provide captures all aspects of your business operations with an eye on your growth.

We provide unbiased and professional Evaluation Services from issuance of RFI, RFP, Demos, Training needed, Maintenance issues, Requirements match-fit, hardware-software infra-structure needs, and selection of best-fit application for your business. Finally a Fit-Gap Analysis of the selected functional modules is done.

The Implementation Services help with the acquisition, user-training and deployment of the selected HemSys ERP application. Maintenance is part of our post-implementation services that ensures that there is ongoing support for the users. It provides services that ensure you will not suffer adverse business stoppage as a result of the new ERP software. It also provides you with cost control metrics that help you manage your maintenance cost. Proper ERP is important and necessary both for businesses that know what they want and those who don't.

(Click for larger image.)

Multi-Branch Accounting Management

The accounting modules provides full administration and management of receivables, payables, orders, invoicing, billing, inventory, purchasing, receiving, financial reports, general ledger, journals, payroll, etc.

The Multi-Branch functionality allows multi-cost center and/or multi-branch transactions and yet maintains distinct profile for each cost center. With transactions integrity, you don't have to worry about failed connections during posting. Updates are done instantly. Remotely or in-house.

Transaction authorization is pooled in the workflow engine. The workflow engine is smart enough to move each transaction to the next stage so that your staff are not waiting for authorization at Central Office before doing their posting. Real-Time transactions processing means you see the result NOW.

You can optionally continue doing your transactions even when you lose connection with your remote location if this option is installed. Your transactions update will get synchronized when the connection is restored. You can use our optional customizable screens to configure the data entry for fast data input. Our enterprise versions can also be linked to your warehouse or fulfillment center. Powerful, simple and customizable financial reports are included. Fully integrated, simple interface and easy-to-use. Users can use third-party report writer to create their own additional reports.

Download Dispatch-Accounting-Workflow Interactions Document

(Click for larger image.)

Customer and Project Billing Management

HemSys has a robust and flexible billing module with support for rates based and direct billing models. Since Customer billing is responsible for the generation of positive cash flow for the enterprise and has full financial accountability for the services they provide to their customers, this module has powerful and commonsense functionalities.

Having flexible billing models and cost allocation capabilities is essential to the business requirements. Using combinations of fixed and variable rates, plus direct charge models, depending on the customer agreement, users will maximize the use of these features to build models specific to each customer's needs.

Users can manage:

  1. Cost and Rental Billing.

  2. Multi-unit projects.

  3. Activity Based Costing.

  4. Project and Contract.

  5. Customer Billing and Invoicing.

  6. Outside Service.

  7. In-Sourcing.

Download Customer and Project Billing Document

Safety Management

Is 'Safety First' a slogan in your business? Let us help you make it a CULTURE of your business instead. Our SMS makes safety everybody's business. Incidents are easily logged using very simple form-screens. User's can choose to be anonymous.

Job site safety requirements are maintained to ensure only trained personnel are sent there. Safety notices and required training upgrades-refresher courses are distributed to those affected. Escalation of notices for adverse processes carried out by operators is done automatically.

Vital statistics are maintained within the system for administrative, executive and/or external government agencies. SMS takes safety from being a slogan to your passport to improved business, reduced insurance cost and safe work environment.

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